New Home Construction

We can build the home of your dreams … from single storey bungalow to multi-level luxury home. Modern, traditional or rustic, we have the skills and experience to deliver the house you want, for the budget you have.

With our complete start-to-finish project management, we ensure the entire project runs smoothly, with a minimum of stress and hassle for you.

Home Improvements / Renovations

Over the years we have renovated buildings ranging from century old homes to relatively new ones.

  • major renovations: complete 'renovations' of older home, additions, or major structural alterations
  • smaller renovations jobs: new decks, doors, windows, interior remodelling, garages

We know that renovations can be especially challenging, and stressful. With careful planning, we will make your renovation as stress-free as possible.

Craftsmanship is Our Construction Standard

Be assured all projects, large and small, are built to meet or exceed the National Building Code.

We are not, however, satisfied with the minimum effort. We are craftsmen who pay keen attention to the every detail of your project.

Working with Mark Oickle Construction

From planning, through construction, and post-construction, we maintain open, and honest lines of communication. Having a positive relationship with you, our client, is as important as the finished product!

Planning Phase

During the planning phase, our goal is to guide you through the decisions impact the overall cost, durability and liveability of your project. We listen to understand what you want to build, how you want it to function and look; and importantly, the budget you are working towards.

Based on our experience, we will offer advice on the various options, their cost implications, and practicality of each. There are often several approaches to meeting your design needs. We can help you choose the best one for your situation.

Renovating existing buildings, particularly older ones, takes extra planning and care. We will discuss what can be done, how to minimize impact on existing areas, and discuss the possible ‘surprises’ that renovations can uncover.

If you have an older home, we will also discuss whether you want to retain the historic character of your building, or to ‘modernize.'

Already have 'building plans'? We will review them with you, and, if needed, customize the plans to suit your needs.

Construction Phase

During construction phase, we will regularly update you on the progress of your project. As soon as possible, we will alert you of any issues that need your attention.

Keeping your safety in mind, we are happy to show you the work-in-progress, and get feedback from you.

When we are finished, we remove all construction debris, and leave a clean work site - ready for you to move it and enjoy!

Post Construction Phase

After the construction work is completed, our relationship does not end there. If you have questions or concerns about the work that was done, we will return your call. Your ongoing satisfaction with our work is important to us. If there is a problem, we will address it, and fix it.

New two-storey home with bay window and deck, built by Mark ickle Construction Mark Oickle Construction

We listen to understand what you want to build.

Installing new siding, windows, and fascia in an older home, Nova Scotia Mark Oickle Construction

Our complete start-to-finish project management means a minimum of stress and hassle for you.

New two-storey home with wood siding, and plenty of windows Mark Oickle Construction

If there is a problem, we will address it, and fix it.

New garage with storage loft with exterior stairs. Built by Mark Oickle Construction
It is with pleasure that I provide a reference for Mark Oickle, General Contractor. Mark completed renovations on our cottage that sensitively maintained the character and structural integrity of the 60 year-old structure. Mark’s cost and materials estimates, guidance in the selection of materials required, approach to the design, execution of the project, adherence to timelines; and safe, orderly and clean approach to the work were spot on. As the project concluded in the Spring, Mark even graded the driveway area to smooth disturbed soil in preparation for reseeding. I visited the work site on a number of occasions during this winter project. Debris and construction materials were always organized.

Mark ‘got’ the priorities. He installed a tile pad for a wood stove that was flush with the hardwood floor. He wove the hardwood he removed for that project back into another section of the floor to create a bow window area where an old chimney had been. He selectively sanded, stained, and sealed that wood to match the surrounding wood floor.

As the main project was coming to a close we realized that our unspoken contingency was available to us. Mark worked with that small budget to renew our kitchen. A new layout, and new cupboards built from scratch in solid wood, a new sink, and dish washer were all installed. Mark drew up the kitchen plan based on an onsite visit and discussion. He listened very carefully to the requirements and artfully brought an efficient new kitchen to life!

Mark Oickle, and those who work with him, have a great sense of design and craftsmanship. It has now been a year and we’ve settled into the space and entertained our summer visitors with ease. New windows installed in this log cabin fit beautifully and have brightened our space—and we no longer have an “anger-making kitchen.”

Many thanks!

Nancy MacDonald

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